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Sumeet Urban Services established in the Year 2020 is a Joint Venture between Sumeet Facilities Ltd (India) & Urbaser S.A (Spain).  Urbaser is a Leading Environmental Services Company in the World and is Operating in over 38+ Countries.

The JV has been awarded with the Biggest Solid Waste Management Project in India for the Chennai City for a Period of 8 Years. The JV is focused on expanding its Services across India through various Waste Management Projects in Collection & Transportation (C&T), Waste to Energy (W2E), Scientific Landfills, Bio & Medical Waste Collection & Treatment etc.

We are Catering to around 4 Million People i.e 50% Population of Chennai City by Covering 55% of Chennai City Metropolitan Area every day.

Sumeet Green Enviro Services Pvt Ltd formed in 2021 is a Joint Venture between Sumeet Facilities Ltd & Green Terrain Environment Pvt Ltd.

The Company is focused on providing HR Management Services to Urbaser Sumeet and also undertake Small & Mid Sized Waste Management Projects in India.